Hello 👋 I'm Olivia, a product designer based in Toronto, Canada.

About Me

I value design solutions that balance research & learning through rapid experimentation.

I got my start as a graphic designer studying communications in university. Along the way, I stumbled into UX/UI design 6+ years ago when I began designing more complex websites and web applications.

Since then, I've experienced working and problem-solving at every stage of the product life cycle. Throughout my time as a designer, my goal has always been to help clients and customers see meaningful value via digital products.

My most recent stint @GoDaddy has been in e-commerce: leading a project to help merchants sell and advertise their products more easily across marketplaces and sales channels. So much has changed with the way people interact, consume and sell products since 2020!

When I'm not designing, I'm either camping & canoeing, perfecting my mojito recipe or listening to true crime podcasts 🤭

Work Experience


Senior Product Designer

2022 - Present

dentsu Studios

Interaction Designer

2021 - 2022


UX/UI Designer

2020 - 2021


UX/UI Designer



Digital Designer

2019 - 2020


Digital Designer

2019 - 2020

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