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Hi đź‘‹ I'm Olivia OLeary

Product designer, visual storyteller and systems thinker based in Toronto  — currently designing merchant experiences @GoDaddy.

Selected Work
Marketplaces & Social visual imagery showing products and sales channels

Sales Channels Integrations @GoDaddy


As GoDaddy's Marketplaces & Social continues to grow, we realized during the integration process that our product's experience is fairly fractured. This space contains different visual languages, systems and patterns from the rest of the commerce suite, which merchants can find disorienting when navigating between their catalog, payments, orders and sales channels. As the design lead, my goal is to unify the e-commerce experiences for various launches and bank partnerships, to ultimately follow GoDaddy's north star design system and vision of "Sell anything, anywhere".

Design: Olivia OLeary
Product: David Lee
Eng: KC NaCole, Ryan Flores & Elisha Kutnick

Commerce 360 Press Release north_east
Screenshots of GoDaddy Marketplaces zero state pages

Zero State for Marketplaces @GoDaddy


GoDaddy’s Marketplace and Social selling solutions was built on the core capabilities of, a platform GoDaddy acquired a few years ago. With that, came powerful integrations and features that will help our merchants grow and run their businesses. However, this selling point isn't being communicated or explained in the current experience. To better advertise this new addition, we built a zero state page for all 6 available sales channels to help onboard merchants through what's required to connect, applicable fees, programs and FAQs.

Design: Olivia OLeary & Franco Rizzo
Product: David Lee & Bryan Valdemar
Eng: KC NaCole, Ryan Flores & Elisha Kutnick

GoDaddy Marketplaces & Socialnorth_east
Screenshot of Acura & Honda model pages

Honda & Acura Sitecore Rebuild @dentsu


Honda Acura came to us to revive their online car shopping experience as it was lacking core features to help guide potential customers through the often stressful experience of buying a new car (or maintenance for their existing vehicles!). During this project, we also found that there were a lot of internal pain points within the Honda team — this project included a whole new design system, page building process, filtering system for model shopping and build & price.

Design: Olivia OLeary & Jordan Kentris (Director of UX, dentsu Studios)

Screenshot of Hyre's Vendor Management System features

Vendor Management System @Hyre


As the need for healthcare staffing increased during COVID-19, more of Hyre's scheduling clients became healthcare workers and long-term care centres who had more requests for healthcare workers. Due to this shift in requirements, we built an MVP vendor management system that connects facilities in need of skilled staff with staffing agencies.

Design: Olivia OLeary & Eropa Stein (CEO & Founder)
Business & Ops: Karina Sura
Eng: Michael Solovyov & Mathias Paschoal

Hyre's VMS solution for agenciesnorth_east
Screenshot and visual imagery of Hyre's quick shift feature

Shift Scheduling @Hyre


During COVID-19, Hyre pivoted from a staffing marketplace to a platform for employee shift scheduling. During this time, temp staffing engagement was close to 0 and our clients had to resort to other scheduling tools that are more robust. My goal was to modernize Hyre’s legacy event-based platform and make internal scheduling and shift building more efficient.

Design: Olivia OLeary & Eropa Stein (CEO & Founder)
Eng: Michael Solovyov & Mathias Paschoal

Hyre's shift scheduling featuresnorth_east
Preview of the CiteRight browser plugin

Citation Browser Plugin @CiteRight


CiteRight provides a browser plugin that helps lawyers save cases to a database of collections and access them via Word to produce perfectly formatted citations. However, the plugin needed more functionality for editing, updating and creating collections that would improve their remote workflow. As a freelance UX/UI Designer with CiteRight, I updated the existing plugin design to streamline the case & collection saving processes so that users can better manage their case library

Design: Olivia OLeary (Freelance ux designer)
Product: Ariel Nacson (Chief Customer Officer)


I value design solutions that balance research & learning through rapid experimentation.

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I got my start as a graphic designer studying communications in university. Along the way, I stumbled into UX/UI design when I began designing more complex websites and web applications - and never looked back!

Since then, I've experienced working and problem-solving at every stage of the product life cycle. Throughout my time as a designer, my goal has always been to help clients and customers see meaningful value via digital products.
My most recent stint @GoDaddy has been in e-commerce: leading a project to help merchants sell and advertise their products seamlessly across marketplaces and sales channels. So much has changed with the way people interact, consume and sell products since 2020!


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Olivia OLeary

Senior Product Designer @ GoDaddy — based in Toronto, Canada.

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